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Featured Project:
Bob Pike Microlearning
This training focuses on energizers from the Bob Pike Group. Energizers are a specific type of engagement strategy. Strategies are based on Bob Pike trainings I have attended focusing on facilitating to adult learners.

The purpose of this training is to improve the facilitation engagement skills of participants.
  • Audience

    Group of adult learners with various roles - professional development specialists (such as myself), staff developers, coordinators, and induction coaches. Learners share a common goal - teacher preparation and development.
  • Purpose

    Improve the facilitation engagement skills of adult teacher mentors and facilitators.
  • Tools Used

    Canva, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, NearPod
  • Knowledge Gap

    Engagement strategies to keep adult learners immersed in content. At times, teachers in trainings are distracted for various reasons. This is meant to refresh and engage the learner to avoid the distractions and learning fatigue.
Training Approach: Persuasive-Based Microlearning
Microlearning may be one of the most engaging training delivery methods available to us.
  • Delivery Method
    Nearpod Self-Paced
  • Time Required
    4-5 minutes
  • Benefits
    Less cognitive overload, quick to consume, flexibility with learning, higher engagement, and digestible bites.
  • Action Steps
    Complete the activities within the Nearpod and state which method you plan on using in your next facilitation.
  • Rationale
    Enhance facilitation skills.
  • Micro-Assessment
    Matching activity, open-ended response.
Microlearning enhances learning and performance in the most efficient and effective manner possible through short pieces of content.
- ATD, 2022

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